Will Hough is a combat veteran, a competitive athlete, a top professional trainer, and a connoisseur of all things fast.  A native of New York City, Will began his impressive fitness career in the United State Marine Corps and eventually trained with Navy Seal’s, Special Ops unit during his Military Tour.  After leaving the military, Will studied physical education and began building a stellar training resume.

The competitive triathelete, duathelete, power lifter, and bodybuilder shared his strength and endurance expertise with clients at Chelsea Piers, New York Sports Club, and Burlington Capital Markets before starting his own training company, WillFit, in 1993.  Since then Will has conditioned, toned, and increased both the speed and flexibility of socialites, executives, politicians, and even professional football players from the New York Jets, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Green Bay Packers.

Will believes whole-heartedly in pushing the body to its limits.  In 2004, Will returned to his military roots and became a DOD security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While protecting National Guard soldiers and training Kurds to use weapons, Will was hit by an IED and presumed dead.  Despite his injuries, Will not only escaped from hostile territory, he managed to take out eleven insurgents and capture another sixteen.

Despite grim medical opinions, Will fully recovered in just two years, partial hearing loss and double vision the only remnants of his near death experience.  More motivated, determined, and passionate than ever, the Ducati enthusiast and collector immediately returned to racing motorcycles, cars, and anything else with wheels!  Will Hough is a shining example of the power of will, walking proof that with a strong heart and a committed mind the body can win.